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  • product name: USB 3.1 Type-C Male to Type-C Male Cable BST-U5012
  • Product ID: BST-U5012

newest 24 pin type-c port, 12 pin for each side, support the forward and reverse swap

  • by now, the transmission rate of Type-C is up to 5Gbp/S. The output voltage is 3A, which means the charge time can be shorten.
  • Type-C can connect to Apple Macbook(12-inch 2015); Compatible with windows XP, windows 7, 8 Mac OS,Vista.
  • Bi-direction charge for Apple Macbook (12-inch 2015). Long press ¡°T¡± button when you are restarting the Macbook (12-inch 2015). It will enter a mode of storage, as same as a flash driver. The data can be transfer from this Macbook to the other one.